21 February 2009

Here In My Home ( Malaysia )

I've just realized that this song is 'sticked' in 1 of my friend's blog.... Aliph! The hotest straight twink with his matching beautiful gorgeous girlfriend! Owh their English is fucking cool too! ( mcm overdose je memuji! opst! ) hwa3! Dah lama aku cari lagu ni, tajuk x hengat tp pernah dgr skali kat radio terus aku jatuh hati ngan lagu ni n i knew it is the Malaysian song when i heard the highest voice of Jaclyn Victor! hwa3!

Well... this video clip shown the various artist from Malaysia... including a model named Amber Chia, not only a singers but also the actors n actress too! Let's say the clip want to show us the famouse or the well known artist originally from Malaysia! But if we talk about the well known people from Malaysia, i was wondering why don't the producer invite Che'nelle the famouse singer with her song titled I Fell In Love With The Dj? She is Malaysian from the land below the wind, Sabah in the Borneo's Island! She is famouse in America n Japan! Her new album with the song titled Teach Me How To Dance was 1 of the new movie's soundtrack! I mean the ost of this movie -Make It Happen-... I love this movie!

Another Malaysian well known people is Datuk Jimmy Choo! He is famouse with his shoe! His name is branded! Huh! American models n celebrities proudly say that they are using his shoes! Even the late Lady Diana was 1 of his regular customer! Wow! Datuk Jimmy, even your shoes is expensive, why don't you open 1 of your shop here in your own country? He says, i am afraid no 1 will buy his shoes not because the price but just because the Malaysian thinking! What the hell was that meaning? Well maybe i know.... hwa3

Owh i almost forgot this another well known actress... Datuk Michelle Yeoh! BUkan Michelle pempuan cina tp lancar berbahasa Melayu malah lancang pulak tu, ala yg slalu jaga tepi kain artis Malaysia dlm Melodi tu! Aku suka dia sb bg aku dia ni pempuan cina yg jaguh! Hwa3! Susah nak cari pempuan cina yg BM dia hebat melainkan pempuan cina kat Sabah n Sarawak! Owh kat Indon jugak ya! Tp tu bukan BM sudah, tu dah jd BI! hwa3

Apa pun, kdg2 aku bangga jd rakyat Malaysia, tapi honestly kadang2 aku rasa xda yg perlu dibanggakan sgt! Sb penerimaan, pemikiran, fanatik tentang agama, owh sucks!!! Diskriminasi x wujud konon tp hakikatnya sah2 wujud! Ahhh whatever! Nasiblah kan...
Yg aku bangga ialah menjadi rakyat Kepulauan Borneo! That's all folks!


  1. haha. tommy xbleh okay
    puji mcm sarcastic jer =]
    syng ah aku mcm nieh

  2. ....sayang3, kau sudah berpunya, tertutup sudah bagi ku kesempatan....

  3. klu xsilap aku, lagu ni thun lpas punya kan....
    yup me too... jatuh cinta pada pendengaran pertama huhuhu

    hal yg lain, biar ko je yg komen... hehehe

  4. hai ..slamat kenal....ehehe

    pasal jimmy choo tu..bukan butik dia ada di klcc kan???

  5. dear tommy boy.... i understand what u means by the discriminision.... many of young guys who come back frm west malaysia facing this probs n tell me bout it.... u r rite we proud to be sabahan coz we live harmony rite here.... all the best for u there....^^

  6. actually valencia boy is me.... hehehe...^^

  7. thanks for your comments ya...