20 February 2009


Wow! So many people queue?

I just back from my dinner with Andhika at the Sushi King Restaurant in the Mid Valley! This is my first time to try this Japanese food! Wow the taste is amazing! Unfortunately i am really afraid to try them! Coz the colour n the foods look like they are still 'alive' even it was just a seafood! Hwa3! So i've decided to eat the set meals! I took the Piri2 Chicken which comes with rice, spirulina soup, chicken with mix vegetables, beans with mushroom n crabs, owh n also the sweet tiny yakult! Andhika took the salmon fish set! It's not including the side order ( i don't remember what the hell it is, too many, almost vomiting like the volcano! hwa3! ) The cost is RM 75 plus! Thanks to you sweet Andhika! Mudah-mudahan murah rezki mu! Ngeeeeee! ( ada cerita panas lepas kuar dr restoran ni tp hwa3 biarlah kami berdua saja yg tahu! Yg pasti budak yg tak diceritakan ni pon memang HOT! ) Uwah!!!


  1. ni kat mid kan bro..
    sedap ke??

  2. wahhh!!!dis is what i called heaven of food..yummy!!!!

  3. ader pg kedai tue..hehe..sedap sgt food yer..huhu~